• How to Bring Truthfulness Back into Our Culture (5)
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  • Resolution on Baha’i Oppression Returns to US Congress (2)
  • Firoozeh Shafizadeh Arrested (2)
  • Iran Uses National ID Card for Fresh Discrimination Against Baha’i (2)
  • Iran Locks Members of Minority Baha’i Faith out of Identity Documents (2)
  • Call for The Support of Democratic Movement of the People of Iran – Berlin to Collectively Sign in Support of the Rights of Baha’i Citizens in Iran (2)
  • After Eight Years, 28 Baha’i-Owned Business Remain Sealed in Hamadan (2)
  • Court of Appeals: Four Baha’i Residents of Kerman Sentenced to Prison (2)
  • National ID Card as a New Tool to Oppress Minorities in Iran (2)
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